News and Events Updated September 16, 2018

Catechism Classes:
Grade Date Time Remarks
Pri 1 - Pri 3 Sep 16 (Sun) 11:30AM -
Pri 4 - Pri 6 Sep 16 (Sun) 11:30AM -
Sec 1 - Sec 2 Sep 22 (Sat) 1:00PM -
Sec 3 - Sec 4 Sep 22 (Sat) 2:00PM -

Pre-Confession Class:Will meet at 3:30PM on September 16, 23 and 30.

Date Event Speaker Remarks
Sep 23 (Sat) Free    
Sep 29 (Sat) Free    
Oct 6 (Sat) Workshop: Spiritual Disciplines (3)    
Oct 13 (Sat) Outing    
Date Event
Sep 23, 2018 CERC 31st Anniversary Celebration
Sep 29, 2018 Mooncake Gospel Meeting
Oct 7, 2018 Mission Seminar
Nov 4, 2018 Lord's Supper
A group discussion on A Short Study on Devotions will be held today, Sep 16 (Sun) at 11:30AM. Copies of the booklet to be discussed, Personal Devotions, are available for pickup. The discussion will be based on Articles 1 and 2.

Will be held Sep 23 (Sun) from 11:30AM. The theme for the anniversary is Wall of Fire (Zechariah 2:5). Let us come together to celebrate the Lord's goodness towards us!

The annual subscription of the quarterly journal, Perspectives in Christian Education, published by the Protestant Reformed Teachers' Institute is due for renewal. The purpose of this magazine, in most general terms, is to advance the cause of distinctively Christian education as it is conceived in the Protestant Reformed community. Subscription to this journal is USD9 for 1 year or USD17 for 2 years. The CCES Board highly recommends all to subscribe to it. If you would like to subscribe or renew an existing subscription, please approach Sis. Nicole by Sep 30.

The PRCA Contact Committee has arranged for ministers to provide us with pulpit supply for the following Sundays: Sep 16, 23, 30: Rev. A. Spriensma (Home Missionary)
Oct 7, 14, 21, 28: Rev. J. Holstege (Zion PRC)
Nov 4, 11, 18, 25 & Dec 2, 9, 16: Rev. A. den Hartog
Dec 23, 30 & Jan 6, 13: Prof. R. Cammenga (PR Seminary)

Next year's Church Camp will be held June 10-13, 2019 at Pulai Springs Resort, Johor. Please reserve your annual leave or mark the date in your calendar.