News and Events Updated July 29, 2018

Catechism Classes: Will resume in September 2018.
Grade Date Time Remarks
Pri 1 - Pri 3 - 11:30AM -
Pri 4 - Pri 6 - 11:30AM -
Sec 1 - Sec 2 - 1:00PM -
Sec 3 - Sec 4 - 2:00PM -

Pre-Confession Class:Will meet at 3:30PM on July 29, and Aug 5, 12 and 19.

Date Event Speaker Remarks
Aug 4 (Sat) Workshop: Spiritual Disciplines (1)    
Aug 11 (Sat) Outing    
Aug 18 (Sat) Bible Study    
Aug 25 (Sat) Free    
Date Event
Aug 9, 2018 Family Seminar
Aug 22, 2018 Fellowship Outing
Aug 25, 2018 Lord's Supper
Sep 23, 2018 CERC 31st Anniversary Celebration
Will be held Aug 9 (National Day PH) from 10:15AM - 1:00PM in church. The theme is Dealing with Technology and the speaker is Prof. R. Dykstra. Lunch is provided, please register at the notice board in the MPH.

Aug 5, 12, 19: Speeches by Prof. Dykstra (3 speeches on the End Times)
Aug 26: Video Lecture: The Coming World Conquest of the Beast from the Sea

We thank God for bringing Prof. & Mrs. Dykstra to CERC. They will be with us from Jul 19 to Aug 20. Kindly approach Elder Wee if you would like to host them.

The book Behold I Come Quickly is now available at $7 each. It is a compilation of the BRF 2016 convention lectures by Prof. D. Englesma and Rev. A. Lanning. Please approach Sis. Daisy at the book sales counter (opposite the Library) between 1:00PM - 1:45PM if you wish to purchase copies.